Jett Hitt

from the Wild

Jett Hitt's Yellowstone Concerto

. . . is full of the grandeur of the park . . . the music is 
unashamedly romantic, with soaring violin melodies.

Music and Vision

Photo of Jett Hitt

from the Wild

Jett Hitt - Composer

This is the official website of Jett Hitt, composer and former Yellowstone outfitter. On this site, you will find links to scores and recordings by the Yellowstone-based composer. Jett Hitt is the composer of Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra, (Top 40 hit at several classical stations) the jazz ballad Doe-Eyed, and various other art songs and symphonic works, including the much-loved setting of Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Included on the site is a biography and a description of Jett’s outfitting business in Yellowstone National Park (with lots of pictures). Also included are a few videos. There are other trivial links that you can click on, such as a brief discussion of life at Brush Creek Bison, where Jett and his wife Carrie live with 65 horses, a herd of bison, and Cinch, their Australian Shepherd. Finally, there is also a contact form, if you have a question or a comment. Be sure to sign up for the very occasional newsletter that keeps you abreast of the latest recordings and performances of his works. (This newsletter is a rare event, limited to press releases and, perhaps, a Kickstarter campaign.) Enjoy the site!

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